Run Rattus Rattus Run 2019 installation – animation projected into the frame below, hung on zoonotic wallpaper with accompanying artist book. Animation by Dr Zeynep Akcay, Griffith Film School. Created using hand coloured lithographs by Nicola Hooper 

This gothic fiction is based on factual events from 1907 in New Farm, Brisbane. An outbreak of the Bubonic Plague occurred in the January school holidays at Garnetts Grocery Store on James Street. 16 were infected, 6 died, the ‘rat king’ myth suggests that upon finding a ‘rat king’ it is a precursor to the plague. During an inspection of the store after the event, the floorboards were lifted exposing many skeletonised rats, a perfect destination for a ‘rat king’ to fester.

This work was exhibited as part of my Zoonoses Exhibition at Caboolture Regional Gallery.