One sun, One World – Many Dreams
2016 Artist in Residence
Woodridge State School/Out of the Box/
China/Australia Children’s Art Exchange
Jan 22, 2016 – Feb 28, 2016
Six weeks of workshops at Woodridge State School Year 3 students, teaching children drawing, painting and printmaking including coke lithography which was exhibited at QPAC and in Hubei, China.
This project was conducted by Dr Barbara Piscitelli AM in collaboration with QPAC Out Of The Box festival.

2016 Curator
Woodridge State School/Out of the Box Exhibition Young People’s Gallery, Logan Art Gallery
Oct 22, 2016 – Nov 28, 2016
An exhibition of the work created by the Woodridge State School students involved in this project, which answered the questions:
‘What do I like to do and play’
‘Where I live’
and ‘My dreams for the future’